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Listen to the first single from our new album, Enjoy!

Welcome To The Party



Tuesday's 7-9PM EST "Buckslide Blues Cruise" with Pat Monaghan



CHLY 101.7 or CHLY.CA
Wednesdays 6-8 AM PST on "Blues Before Breakfast" 
with Grant Payne


Fridays "Blues in the Morning" 9-11AM PST

Sundays "Smokers Cough" 3-5PM PST


WELCOME TO THE PARTY ~ Here on the East Side (New Music Video)
Blue Moon Blues (New Music from WELCOME TO THE PARTY)
 Lovin' Arms (New Music from WELCOME TO THE PARTY)
 Welcome to the Party (New Music from WELCOME TO THE PARTY)
Albums are available as a CD or full mp3 download with artwork.

Stay tuned, more to come! 

Due to Covid-19 we are taking measures to keep our family and community safe.

Reducing shows but bringing you more Music and Videos! Check us out on YouTube and stay connected through Facebook & Instagram!


August 18th - 2020 7:00pm-10:00pm

Water Wheel Park

Chemainus. BC. 

October 26th - 2019  9:00pm - 12:00pm

Thetis Island Marina Pub

Thetis Island

October 20th - 2019  4pm - 8pm

The Queens Pub

Nanaimo , BC

October 19th - 2019  8pm

Char's Landing .

Port Alberni , BC

September 6th - 2019  1:15pm - 2-15pm

Esquimalt Ribfest

Esquimalt .BC

August 22nd 2019

Summertime Blues Fest

Nanaimo, BC

June 29th 2019  7pm - 9:30pm

The Queens Pub 

Nanaimo, BC

June 8th 2019 8pm - 11pm
Osborn Bay Pub
Crofton , BC

April 26th 2019 -8pm -11pm
Osborne Bay Pub 
Crofton BC
November 4th -2018 ~ 4pm - 8pm
The Queens Pub
Nanaimo, B.C.
October 13th - 2018 - 8pm to 11pm 
Osborne Bay Pub
Crofton, B.C.
September 9th - 2018 - 12 noon 
Esquimalt RibFest
Esquimalt, B.C.
September 3rd - 2018 - 2:30pm - 4pm 
Salmon Fest
Port Alberni, B.C.
August 25th - 2018 - 3pm 
Summertime Blues Festival
Nanaimo, B.C.
July 21st - 2018
Hi Point Guest Ranch-
4th annual Music Festival
- 10am-12pm
Duncan, B.C.
July 7th - 2018
Osborne Bay Pub - 8pm to 11pm
Crofton, B.C.
June 9th - 2018 - 8pm
Char's Landing
Port Alberni, B.C.
Feb 25 -2018 (Sunday) ~ 4pm - 8pm
The Queens Pub
Nanaimo, B.C.
Nov 5th - 2017 (Saturday) ~ 7pm - 9pm
The Queens Pub
Nanaimo, B.C.
Sept 24 - 2017 (Saturday) ~ 9pm
The Queens Pub
Nanaimo, B.C.
August 28th -2017 ~ 11am
Summertime Blues Fest
Nanaimo, B.C.
August 23rd  -2016 ~ 1pm
VIEX Beban Park
Nanaimo, B.C.

BIG PACIFIC is Vancouver Island's premier original music rock n roll band!  Fans of guitar-driven, blues tinted classic rock will want to get onboard the grass-roots journey with BIG PACIFIC.

This is no tribute band... the strong, melodic themes and grooves are themselves a tribute to the great rock tunes these veteran musicians honed their skills and creative expression on.

BIG PACIFIC is a band... not a solo act with hired players, different at each show.  This is a four piece band put together with the sole purpose of taking the stage and rocking the house.  Wherever they go, BIG PACIFIC is the consistent, professional, party time musical unit that audiences expect.  Get to know Vancouver Island's own BIG PACIFIC!  Catch the wave with a CD and a show!   See you there!

Nick Dokter

Band bios:

Roly Sandoval ~ guitar & vocals:  Is a veteran of Western Canada’s professional music scene. Starting off in Calgary in the 80s he went on to work in some of Alberta’s premier rock bands. He’s also done extensive studio work, appeared on radio and TV, and has played great rock and roll from the Arctic Circle to Mexico.


Nick Dokter ~ drums & vocals:  Started his music career in South Africa at the tender age of 14, quickly becoming a sought-after session player. He continued his studio work in London at the PYE records Recording Studio and various recording studios in Europe . Nick carried on his studio work upon arrival in Canada while laying down the groove and back beats with various artist and acts throughout Canada and the USA .

Wayne Veillet ~ bass & Vocals: Wayne is Big Pacific's Nanaimo connection.  After finding the call of the bass guitar, he honed his skills here before branching off to the mainland and Alberta and he's been rocking ever since.  Wayne brings talent, dedication and technical expertise.  Having been with a popular local band for 16 years and establishing his 'Wayon Sound' recording studio. 

John Hannah ~ keyboards & Vocals:  aka Johnny Blitz is a multi-talented musician featured on keyboards,  and vocals.  John has done extensive studio and TV work. He has performed on a litany of fabulous music shows including Live Aid, David Letterman, The Princess Diana Trust Concert,  and Tina Turner's performance on the Juno's back in the day!  Even more impressive is John's 2.5 years in Heart's touring band and 8 years touring with Bryan Adams!  Needless to say, John is a musician's musician and Big Pacific is proud and thrilled to have him join the band.

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